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Residents' Association

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We hope that you find these Residents' Association pages interesting and that  it keeps you in touch with some of the issues that our neighbours are talking about.  If you are not already a member of the  Association,

perhaps you would consider joining us?

The Association is a non party political organization whose objectives are:-


 a)    to strive for the protection of  our local environment and amenities;


 b)    to ensure that amenities and services are adequate for the area;                              


 c)    to act for local residents in matters of community interest;


 d)   to promote the interests of local residents and the area's amenities.


If you would like to become a member, please send a subscription of £5.00 per household,

along with your address and email to

The Treasurer.  Mike Lewis. 5 Rhyd yr Helyg, Sketty SA2 8DH

Cheques payable to BPDF&M Residents'.


Or ask the Membership Secretary, Rhisiard Jenkins, for a Standing Order form.

      email:          rhisiard

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Please remember that we are still looking for volunteers to join the Committee to share the workload.


If you are already a Member and would be prepared to help, for example delivering leaflets or flyers, you may like to contact the Associations' secretary,

Kate Craven on 523930 or at [email protected]

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  March 29th CVCP Quiz. 7pmVivian Hall.

AGM    April 12th 2019   7pm at the Vivian Hall.

Speaker Police Sgt Chris Dix.

County Lines and the impact on local drug problems. 


 Keeping in touch..


 Its  good to know what‘s

going on in the neighbourhood.

If you have you any concerns to report

do let Kate or one of the Committee members know

about it.


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