The Vivian Hall

      Blackpill, Swansea

          1918  ---- 2018

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Keeping Fit With Val Whittington

Val is a bundle of energy and she leads 4 weekly sessions at the Hall that are sociable, enjoyable and keep you fit and active.

For more information about all these classes, ring Val on 01792 234734

Ladies' Line Dancing

Line Dancing

Line Dancing burns off calories, works your co-ordination and  keeps you fit.

It is also a great way to make friends while having fun.

Val Whittington offers three fun,friendly classes to suit everyone from Beginners to Advanced dancers-just choose which level suits you best and enjoy it!


THURSDAY MORNING 9.30-12.   Beginners and Improvers.


THURSDAY EVENING  7.30-10 .   Intermediate level.


FRIDAY MORNING  10.-11.30.       Any level fun class.


Please ring for a chat about the classes at other times in other venues,so please feel free to ring me and find out more.




Yoga Sessions


 Yoga can help you to lose weight and get in shape.

Yoga helps you to build muscle strength, endurance and flexibility. Some people do yoga as their only form of exercise and others combine it with another form of aerobic activity.

Val's sessions are at the Hall on Monday mornings.

Val's class  is suitable for all levels of fitness where you will be encouraged to go at your own pace and to work to whatever level is comfortable for for you.This tends to be quite a small class,friendly and with no pressure todo anything beyond their own capabilities.We all come with our own individual problems(knees,hips etc,etc!)but manage to adopt postures to suit them all.Feel free to ring me for a a chat before you come to class if you would like to try Yoga.


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